Videos from the 2016 Tour

Barbara Roth-Donaldson - Westminster Abbey - Grand Choeur, Dubois

Bill Callaway - St. George’s Hall - Symphony #,3 Saint-Saens (excerpt)  /  and at York Minster

'Lynn Roseberry, Soprano - St. George’s Hall -O Mio Babbino Caro”- Puccini (accompanied by Ian Tracey)

Craig Tocher - York Minster - Widor Toccata (excerpt)

Excerpts from Selection Organ  Demonstrations b y our Musical Hosts

Ian Tracy,  St. George’s Hall                             KerryBeaumont, Coventry Cathedral                  Gerard Brooks, Christ Church Spitalfields

Andrew Wyatt, Chester Cathedrall                 Ben Bloor, Brompton Oratory (Bach)                         Ben Bloor, Brompton Oratory (Langlais)

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York Minster

Liverpool Cathedral

Chester Cathedrall

2016 Tour Details

Leads, Yolk and Doncaaster Ministers, Castle Howard

Lands End Visitor’s Center

Coventry, Liverpool Cathedrals, Sst George’s Hall

 Chicester - Southern Cathedrals Festival

Four London Churches

Sheffield City Hall  and Leicester Cathedral

2016 Tour Highlights

Brompton Abbey-London

July 29

July 27 - 28

July 25 - 26

July 21-24

July 19 & 20

July 30